butterflyPilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm & Amazon Animal Orphanage

Padre Cocha Village (10 minutes walking from the village)

At Pilpintuwasi you can see the complete life cycle and learn about the impressing development of butterflies. At the Amazon Animal Orphange you can see the rescued endangered animals that were illtreated, such as anteaters, monkeys, tapirs or Pedro Bello, the Jaguar. Pilpintuwasi is on the Nanay River Front near the village of Padre Cocha. It's about 20min by boat from Bellavista-Nanay. There are boats all day long.

Working hours: Tuesday –Sunday 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Entrance tickets Adult 20.00 PEN - Peruvian Nuevo Sol

Students 10.00 PEN - Peruvian Nuevo Sol

Children 3.00 PEN - Peruvian Nuevo Sol

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