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Mosaic of love - Wintering, Wisdom of the Earth, Wisdom of the People

Each season has it's own magic, ignoring it, we induce stress. Winter magic means silence, longer sleep and getting closer to each other by the fireplace and warm drinks. It's time of the wise and calm.

Hrvatska | Zagreb
1.000,00 kn

Kristina Love (Panić) - Colours of life – Fractal drawing – workshop

This fundamental course will not suffice for teaching fractal drawings. Colour your life, let colourful energy waves inspire and motivate. Be happy and indulge!
piramida-sunca-okpiramida sunca-27piramida-visoko
BiH | Sarajevo
1.590,00 kn

The Mystery of the Valley of Pyramids

Explorations of these stone buildings connected by underground tunnels, slowly reveal the puzzle of an ancient civilization
13th-15th of Nov.'15

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