Dos and Don'ts

What are DOS and DONTS in Croatia?


  1. Learn a few, very basic phrases of Croatian. Hvala (pronounced hvah-lah, meaning ‘thank you’), molim (pronounced moh-leem, meaning ‘please’) and živjeli (pronounced zhee-vee-yeh-lee, meaning ‘cheers’) might actually open many doors. Because Croats know how to appreciate the effort. After all, they will probably do their utmost to help you in any foreign language they know. Croats are actually not that bad at languages it is quite the contrary.
  2. Be very inquisitive about the country you visit and don’t refrain from asking - Croats will value your curiosity.
  3. Put sunscreen on.
  4. Bring cash, though credit cards are widely acceptable as well.
  5. Wear comfortable footwear when planning a longer walks and sightseeing.
  6. Take at least one bottle of water with you wherever you go.
  7. DO Get the Coffee Culture Right
  8. Do dress modestly and neatly in accordance to local “rules”.


  1. Don’t call the Croatian language Serbian or Bosnian, as you could easily come across a person sensitive about the issue.
  2. Don’t forget to try out local cuisine as well as wine and other spirits.
  3. Do not wear flip-flops when going hiking. It’s dangerous and you could hurt yourself.
  4. DON’T Make Noise in the Afternoon. Although not as strictly enforced as just a decade ago, the concept of siesta is very much a part of the elder generation’s daily routine. Between 2pm and 5pm, avoid making too much noise or phoning a local, as this is national naptime, particularly on the coast. Although it is rarer today, don’t be surprised if some stores closed down in the afternoon, allowing shopkeepers to go home for a family lunch and a powernap.
  5. If the opportunity arises don’t forget to go on a beach for a swim.
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