Besplatni materijali na engleskom jeziku

1. 90 Days to Becoming Fully Human: “Becoming fully human is effortless once you reach momentum. Momentum is when Eufeeling comes automatically when needed. It will take less than 90 days to reach QE momentum. How many 90 day periods have you had in your life? Think of the peace and joy you will achieve following the simple suggestions below.

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2. Teaching Children QE™: “The mind of a child naturally and easily moves toward awareness of his or her Eufeeling. This becomes less evident as children grow up, however, because of the influence of their control-oriented parents, teachers, and even their peers. As kids get older, they forsake the complete helplessness and freedom of infancy for the ability to manage and organize…” This document is a free supplement to Martina & The Ogre.

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3. Hosting a QE™ Practice Group: “Quantum Entrainment is always more fun and much more powerful when shared with others. Remember the N2 effect? Your results will multiply with the number of people you share QE with. Not only that, Quantum Entrainment Practice Groups tends to foster deeper, more meaningful friendships amongst the group’s members”.

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