Seminar Franka Kinslowa u Zagrebu

dr.Frank Kinslow - Quantum Entrainment

QE gently activates the autonomous nervous system...

Dry Fasting and raw food workshop – Anna Jakuba

Dry fasting is the best means of facilitating the natural restoration of health.
Hrvatska | Zagreb

Kristina Love (Panić) - Colours of life – Fractal drawing – workshop

This fundamental course will not suffice for teaching fractal drawings. Colour your life, let colourful energy waves inspire and motivate. Be happy and indulge!
Zagreb | Galbanum centar

Kristina Panić - Magnetic moment

Using the voice as an instrument, the body is neutralized. The technique is very simple and effective, and it is carried out in paired.
Časopis Svjetlost, br.136 Srpanj/Kolovoz 2014.
Ekoturizam | Mreznica

Victor Truviano 11 days process

Victor Truviano in Croatia
11 days process

Victor Truviano, Magnetic Moment Seminar

"magnetic moments go beyond concepts of positive or negative, they are a fundamental property of the internal particles"
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