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The body registers all the information that we intake through food , thoughts , emotions , physical injuries . Everything remains recorded . Using the voice as an instrument, the body is neutralized. The technique is very simple and effective, and it is carried out in paired. You always need each other to give and receive , and it is recommended to use it not more often than once a week . Victor Truviano is holder of this techniques that he "received " when he was a child and has been generously shared with others .



About Magnetic Moment

Certain internal dispositions possess degenerations, which occur through different types of obstructions. These obstructions amplify a magnetic moment. Through the movement of charged situations on a magnetic level, you attract certain aspects to yourself and to the moment that you are presently experiencing. This magnetic moment is a conduct and allows for conscious treatment, through the neutral aspect of the charged situation. Very diverse magnetic moments are presented to us by the composition of different situations within our present. For each of these situations it is possible to find a magnetic moment, as well as for each different physical state, contraction or illness. These magnetic moments go beyond concepts of positive or negative, they are a fundamental property of the internal particles. The magnetic moment is related to the fact that magnetic particles come together in an accidental way through charged situations "in movement". These charged situations are many a time far removed from our essence, and from what we could really be. Removing us from situations within which we could be opening our hearts.

Without exception neutral particles exist, (like the neutron) within each magnetic moment. It is here that we can allow and choose an interesting impetus. We are working through the physical body, aware of the law of attraction. This law is pure physics- you attract what you hold within. So, for your wellbeing, it is necessary to consciously remove any kind of unwanted magnetism. For this we make use of the neutral charge- through the magnetism of the physical body - and of the vibration of the voice. Our voice vibrates with each specific part of the body.


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Kristina Love (Panić)

Kristina Love (Panić)

Since she was a teenager Kristina has been drawn to a path of spiritual transformation and by the time she had matured had learned many different...


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