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Fasting means stopping.

How do we eat? When do we eat? In what situations? Fasting provides the body with the opportunity to talk, come in and express how it actually feels. Is it safe and sound or it just automatically and in obeyance digests any kind of food, often the one most easily available, and on the other side, perhaps the most expensive one. Because that body is alive. Equally lively as the head and the thoughts it produces. Even more vivid. Only, we hardly hear what the body tells since it usually remains in the last place. How often it happens that you do not prepare the bath for yourself, a relaxation, a massage, or skip that fasting just because of the lack of time. A good sleep. And by good sleep we do not mean fainting after Sunday dinner. Soup, salad, side dish, meat, dessert. Tons of food! It is just a mirror of a system of functioning which describes itself in the best way. In various segments. The way we eat, we love, we work. Intemperance and exaggeration.

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This is a unique program run by Anna Jakuba called "12 days that will forever change your life". The specialty of this course is the integral approach to health care which is transmitted to the participants. After the program, not only will you need no doctors, pills and unnecessary supplements, but you will be able to cleanse your body by yourself and keep it in excellent shape. You will receive practical and theoretical knowledge of the five components of healthy living:

  • 1st Spirituality - Spiritual clarity and inspiration
  • 2nd Diet - presentation and application in everyday life
  • 3rd detoxification and cleansing of the body - dry fasting and anti-parasitic program
  • 4th Exercise and physical activity - walking, exercising
  • 5. Techniques of breathing - breathing exercises pby methods of Strelnikova and other methods of breathing

Excursions included in the program:


Brijuni National Park consists of 14 islands and islets, and zhe beautifully indented coastline, and rich history. The Garden of Brijuni is a particular attraction within the National Park. The garden was founded in 2007 on the territory of the former forest nursery, an area of 17 000 m2. The Garden of Brijuni, with its' specially designed surfaces, is now home to 169 different species of indigenous plants and exotic trees that are marked with QR codes for additional information on individual plants. Duration of the excursion: departure in the morning after breakfast towards Fažana, boarding on the boat to Brijuni. Sightseeing and walk with a guide for 4 hours, return to Fažana. Duration - 6 hours.

Velebit - Zavižan - Krasno

We continue the adventure with exploration of Velebit, the longest Croatian mountain massif that was the backdrop for recording a series of films on Winnetou. From Velebit we will enjoy spectacular views of the Adriatic islands and a surrealistic sunset - a favorite motif of many world photographers who visit this place. Duration: departure in the morning after breakfast towards Zavižan. We enter the area of the Northern Velebit National Park. Walk and enjoying the view at Krasno. Duration - 8-10 hours.

Rovinj - Porec

Istria just can not leave you indifferent. Its beautiful landscapes, medieval towns that magically emerge in dreamy foggy mornings, the vistas of the sleeping valleys intertwined with white corrugated roads, stories, fairy tales, legends, rich history ... Rovinj and Porec, the story of two seaside towns along the sea promenade. Duration - 4 hours

Hum- Kotli - North Parenzana: Zavrsje - Grožnjan

Today we pass through the heart of Istria, Hum, the smallest town in the world, got its' present appearance in the Middle Ages, namely in the 11th century. In the city palace the reconstructed Hum Glagolitic inscriptions are exhibited, and next to the city gate, under the centennial lime tree is the palatine table, where public meetings and councils took place. Follows a short walk through Grožnjan, the city of music and visit to Kotli. Kotli is an old Istrian village with only fifteen cottages, named after cauldron shaped hollows in the rocks created by the flow of the Mirna river, which passes through the village. The village is abandoned nowadays, and is one of Istrian jewels, unique and distinctive. A time machine that takes you to the era of the old Mediterranean way of life. Duration 4-6 hours.

Walk along the Lungo Mare (from Lovran to Volosko)

A quiet stroll along the famous seaside promenade. Duration 2-3 hours.

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Dry Fasting and raw food workshop – Anna Jakuba

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Interview – Dry Fasting – a universal cure

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About the host

About the host

Anna Jakuba leads the School of dry fasting and raw food "Mrija" ("Imagination") in Ukraine; she is an expert, a practitioner and a certified...



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