dr.Frank Kinslow - Quantum Entrainment

25. - 28.03.2017.
1299 kn (~171€)
Seminar Franka Kinslowa u Zagrebu

Dr Frank Kinslow, the author of books on natural healing "The Secret of Instant Healing", "The Secret of Quantum Living" and "Eufeeling!", "The Art of Creating Inner Peace & Outer Prosperity" hosted two seminars in Zagreb, with Basic QE, Advanced QE and EU Feeling.

Dr Kinslow is a chiropractic physician and a teacher for the deaf. He is the doctor of Clinical Spiritual Counseling and the developer of the Quantum Entrainment® process, a scientific procedure that promotes rapid healing. Frank is also an international lecturer and a teacher. His spiritual workshops on quantum living are practical and encouraging. He has achieved world reputation through his workshops on quantum healing. The participants at the Zagreb seminars will have a chance of mastering and acquiring the process of quantum entrainment.

More informations about QE, dr. Kinslow, FAQ, etc.:Kinslow system
QE videos:Youtube Quantum Entrainment

During the last few years, various self help methods have opened a new view of life for many people. Quantum Entrainment (QE™) represents the newest method in this field. QE gently activates the autonomous nervous system by momentarily creating spontaneous conditions for healing on the deeper levels. This incredible method is easy to use and does not require former knowledge, so it can be used by many people. It is astonishing that QE has not only the effect on the person who receives the treatment but the practitioner too has the beneficial experience of wellbeing.

Introductory lecture

Introductory lecture where Dr. Frank Kinslow is presenting the method Quantum Entrainment (QE ™). Presentation of the methods is for those who wants to understand the process of achieving health and harmony of body and spirit. It is the basis for the workshop that follows the next two days.

Basic QE

Learn to quickly and easily contact pure awareness, the "secret" of the QE rapid healing process. We begin with triangulation, an easy, instant and effortless healing method based on "pure awareness." From there we progress to individual QE, Remote QE, Emotional QE and Extended QE. You'll practice healing with partners, and experience QE many times for yourself. Upon completion of this workshop, you'll be able to apply QE to yourself, family, friends, pets and more.

Advanced QE

This workshop takes the incredible benefits of QE to the next level. Topics include Group/World Peace QE, Refined QE and Kids' QE. You'll learn how to overcome financial difficulties, how to have the perfect relationship and how to communicate from your heart. You'll also learn about Spacing Walking, a way to experience pure awareness as you move about your day. And finally, we'll explore how to integrate QE at home for maximum Results. Attendance at the advanced QE is possible only for participants who have completed the basic QE (It is obligatory to present the basic QE certificate.

QE Practical Healing Workshop

Come learn, practice, and play at the QE Practical Healing Workshop. Quantum Entrainment® is one of the simplest and most successful systems for health and healing worldwide. In this workshop you will be shown how to apply QE to supercharge other healing techniques and therapies making them easy and effective. Whether you are a doctor or a dancer, a full-time mother or the CEO of a major corporation, these two days will show you how to heal with compassion, clarity, joy. You need no special training, equipment, or talent. You will enjoy hours of actual healing practice. Just minutes after arriving you will create a profound healing presence then learn both scientific and esoteric procedures to heal body, mind, and soul. In this workshop you will learn:
• Balancing your spine/decreasing joint pain/relaxing muscles
• Body points that relieve emotions
• Group healing
• How to make QE Restorative Water
• How to heal your environment
• Changing belief systems
• Healing two or more people at a time



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dr.Frank Kinslow  -  Quantum Entrainment
dr.Frank Kinslow  -  Quantum Entrainment
dr.Frank Kinslow  -  Quantum Entrainment

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About the host

About the host

Dr. Frank J. Kinslow has been doing research on healing techniques for more than 35 years. He got his experience from his work as a chiropractic...



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