Zagreb | Galbanum centar

Kristina Panić - Magnetic moment

Using the voice as an instrument, the body is neutralized. The technique is very simple and effective, and it is carried out in paired.
Hrvatska | Zagreb

Kristina Love (Panić) - Colours of life – Fractal drawing – workshop

This fundamental course will not suffice for teaching fractal drawings. Colour your life, let colourful energy waves inspire and motivate. Be happy and indulge!

Victor Truviano, Magnetic Moment Seminar

"magnetic moments go beyond concepts of positive or negative, they are a fundamental property of the internal particles"
Časopis Svjetlost, br.136 Srpanj/Kolovoz 2014.
Ekoturizam | Mreznica

Victor Truviano 11 days process

Victor Truviano in Croatia
11 days process
Seminar Franka Kinslowa u Zagrebu

dr.Frank Kinslow - Quantum Entrainment

QE gently activates the autonomous nervous system...

Dry Fasting and raw food workshop – Anna Jakuba

Dry fasting is the best means of facilitating the natural restoration of health.
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