Colours of Life

colour-your-lifeColours of Life

Colour your Life. Allow the wonderful waves of colourful energy to inspire you! Be joyful and indulge yourself. This is not a workshop to teach you anything and we will not use many words or overthink and analyse anything. This is a workshop in which we play, laugh, dance, draw, and imagine and most of all - we feel - our True Self and Life! We will colour all the faces that may appear along the way. Let's Play!

1. day

  • short introduction
  • guided meditation
  • Colour your self
  • introduction with basics of fractal drawing technique break
  • fractal drawing

2. day

  • guided meditation
  • Colour your self
  • Feel the Colour and express yourself (play)
  • Let it be - spontaneous drawing with a music
  • You without You - meditation
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