Mosaic of love

mosaic-ofloveMosaic of Love

Mosaic of Love is a simple and universal approach to life. Together facilitators Mihovil and Kristina lead the way through a combination of silence, inspiration and spontaneity to a shift in perception. Through learning to surrender we no longer attempt to control and influence events. We reach the realization that we are all one, that there is no differences between us and that all is well in the present moment. We realise that there is no time, only the present moment and that everything is taking place in that very moment.

Mosaic of Love leads us to live in simplicity and openness so that we can be continuously in the flow of life. It is the simplicity of making choices from our intuition as our sense of knowing steadily increases when we surrender totally to what is. As we relax into this awareness, our reality shifts and we discover our true self that has no need to compare itself to others. We become open and authentic with nothing to prove to anyone. We can now live in a world without fear and in the knowledge that all things are possible.

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