Geomantic project "World of Kupa"

svijet-kupeThe International Project Svet Kolpe / Svijet Kupe was performed successfully between 2005 to 2007 in the area of the upper part of the river Kupa. Spatially, it comprised four Slovenian and four Croatian municipalities. The main carriers of the project were the Municipality of Kostel on the Slovenian side and the City of Delnice on the Croatian side. The remaining municipalities participated as partners in the project. A large area was explored, 40 vital energy centres were marked, 28 Lithopuncture stones with carved Cosmo grams set, info labels provided and info materials printed. The project included public workshops. Energetically, the area is one big organism. Imagine if you were impressed by a place and you were drawn to stay at that place and you probably would not be mistaken. Now imagine that you were drawn in the same way to 40 different places where you experienced the natural force in 40 different ways. Whenever you visit again each of the 40 places offers something similar, but new. These places are in the wild so there is some physical effort needed to reach them.

For the tour we have managed to find an interesting combination that comprises bits of everything, just enough to introduce us to this wonderful and magical world of the Kupa valley.

Lithopuncture stones with Cosmo grams

Lithopuncture is a method of healing the space. As with human organism where acupuncture can relieve the energy channels, so lithopuncture assumes that the Earth is a living organism whose energy channels can also be stimulated and opened. Cosmo grams are graphical representations that function primarily for us humans, as archetypal patterns that adjust and harmonize energy of the space. The energy spots on Kupa have their place in the folk tradition. Here's another story about the Nežica waterfall that is part of this tour.

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