zrcali-istražiRead this quotes one by one. Feel the blocks and solutions. Connect this with yourself. This is written for you to start playing.

1. „We have amazingly low expectations for what we think we can get back from the universe or out of life. Our experiences will conform very closely to the structure of our beliefs about life Expect the Unexpected“

2.„When you change the way you observe and encode your reality, you are in effect changing the consciousness structure of what you choose to observe.“

3.„In Matrix Energetics we choose a different path from the reliance on ideas that embrace a diagnosis-and-treatment model of health care. We hold a state of awareness and enter into a kind of energetic rapport with clients, holding for them what the shamanic cultures would call "sacred space" so that they can have the freedom to choose to express a different outcome. Often, the trouble is that no one ever tells you with any real sense of conviction that you have that choice.“

4. TWO POINTS: „With your focused observation or measurement of the two fixed points, you have entangled that information at the quantum level of light and information, creating a link between them.“

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