Wild Romance (Lika, Gorski Kotar)

JAN-DEC (peak period: APR-OCT)

The place where Nikola Tesla, the father of electricity was born. Lika, despite being underdeveloped it has preserved all its magic and strength. The entire environment including its mountains exudes with the sense of might. The air around its proud peaks is infused with electricity, as the messages of Heaven to Earth are being delivered. Along with silence, a faithful companion that telepathically depicts the images of the universe. We can offer you plenty of dynamic activities or just an easy going and relaxed stay. This region serves as a desirable place to recharge your inner self throughout the entire year. The best impression you can get by taking a loop at this video.

Meals: B (breakfast) – L (lunch) – D (dinner)

Suggested itinerary:

Day 1 – ZAGREB, arrival day

Like in many old cities, the residents of Zagreb have developed a great number of myths and legends through the centuries. One of the widely accepted legends on how Zagreb was named is when a young knight from a distant land wandered off to Medvednica, a mountain near Zagreb. Since he was tired from his long journey, he searched for water and a place to rest. He soon found a spring and a beautiful girl named Manda standing beside it. He was too exhausted to get a drink for himself, so he asked her to grab him some water. This story has spread throughout generations and the city was named Zagreb after the word grab (Croatian word for ‘grab’ is ‘zagrabi‘), while the spring got the name from the girl Manda, who protected it.
Use this great opportunity to visit the capital city of Croatia, Zagreb. Delight in oone of guided city tours or discover the city on your own with plenty of sights to see. (Video)

Must see and experience: Explore the Upper town, the Museum of Broken Relationships, Museum of Chocolate, Museum of Hangover, shop at Dolac; Zagreb's farmers' market, explore Zagreb’s parks and forests, sip a coffee, the Lotrščak tower, the Stone gate (Kamenita vrata), St. Marc’s Church, learn the Secrets of Grič, stroll around downtown, the Jelačić Square, Tkaličićeva street, Meštrović atelier, the Technical Museum, Museum of illusions, visit the Zagreb Cathedral, Zagreb 360° – Zagreb Eye observation deck, the funicular, Zrinjevac park and the Mirogoj cemetery


Upon arrival from airport, you will have time to have a late lunch, if wanted, at one of many restaurants around the main city square. You will be able to spend the afternoon exploring the city as you wish, or guided sitghtseeing tour can be arrainged. Dinner will be in the hotel where you will also overnight. 

Meals, prepaid: D

Accommodation, Zagreb: hotel


Plitvice Lake National Park is indisputably one of Croatia’s biggest attractions. Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest national park in Croatia and a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The national park is located in the mountainous karst area of central Croatia. It’s famous for its many lakes and cascades which have a distinctive emerald colour, and the abundance of flora and fauna. The park features 16 larger and several smaller unnamed lakes. The lakes are divided into 12 Upper Lakes (Gornja jezera) and 4 Lower Lakes (Donja jezera). There are numerous cascades and waterfalls with the Large Waterfall (Veliki slap) being the highest of them all. Unsurprisingly, the area’s overwhelming beauty has inspired many whimsical stories, like the legend of the Black Queen and the puzzling Gavanovo Treasure.

Must see and experience: The large Waterfall (Veliki slap) and the Lower Lakes that are part of Plitvice Lake National Park, in the vicinity of Plitvice Lakes is the Bara cave


After breakfast you will journey towards the Plitvice Lakes National Park. You will participate in a tour of the upper lakes (it will last approximately up to 3 hours). Lunch will be at a traditional restaurant and later on you will continue on to your hotels for relaxed late afternoon and evening. Dinner will be at the hotel where you will have overnight. 

Meals, prepaid: B – L - D

Accommodation, Plitvice area: hotel/ranch/resort


Say: ”Carpe diem!” and take a chance to go for a romantic horseback ride with a guide in the lush countryside of the Plitvice valleys. You can also partake in a riding lesson or a low-key walk if you are interested in trying out horseback riding. Spend a captivating day on a bicycle ride through the Lika County. If you yearn for more adrenalin-based activities, a zip-line is a great opportunity to test out your threshold. For real nature lovers we offer you to try out para-gliding. There is also an artificial rock-climbing wall and you can delve into one or few caves in the area.

Must see and experience: Ranch activities - riding, cowboy games, canoe expedition, Winnetou trail, karaoke festival, geocaching... More info: here


After breakfast you will have time for exploring and enjoy activities avilable at the ranch. Dinner will be at the hotel where you will have overnight.

Meals, prepaid: B – L - D

Accommodation, Plitvice area: hotel/ranch/resort


The river Gacka has been of high value to the residents during the 20th century, as it hosted a number of water mills on its banks. Despite their age, several of them are still operational in the settlement of Sinac, crushing the grains in order to produce healthy and organic flour. They can be visited and are a window for viewing the past times. The river Gacka is a tranquil and silent river, which is unusual for Croatian mountain flows. From Sinac, Gacka meanders through the field, peacefully with the same temperature in the winter and summer, a perfect habitat for trout, which is why they are a popular local delicacy. Gacka is superbly clean river, one of the few in Europe from which you can drink water without any fear of bacteria or pollution.

 gacka river mills

In the heights of Velebit, one can find a small village called Kuterevo. It is not only a charming village, but a home to numerous Lika bears, which live in the local protected haven. Most of its residents are, unfortunately, orphaned animals. Yet, a large number of volunteers and faunal experts take good care of them, and educate visitors about these lovely mammal species. Kuterevo is open for visits in all seasons except for winter, since the bears are enjoying in their slumber during those cold months.
Head out to Northern Velebit National Park! The park encircles the northern side of the largest mountain in the country, Velebit Mountain. Here you will find a bunch of hiking trails all over the area. You’ll also find deserted houses and shelters, left behind by the former inhabitants. Beyond that, though, you’ll discover fascinating rock formations and a diverse set of local flora.

Must see and experience: The Gacka river spring (for all true nature lovers’, it is an incredible chance to see, taste and enjoy the river's exceptionally clear spring water. More info: here and here);     Kutarevo bear sanctuary (a rare and beautiful opportunity to see bears from a decent and safe distance in their second home. More info: here and here);            Mountaineering on The Northern Velebit National Park (the minimum is 2-3 hours, it is possible to have a more serious route if you are experienced in hiking, more info: here)

web large kutarevo2


After breakfast, a full day excursion to the Northern Velebit National Park is planned. As well as a visit to the Gacka River spring and the Kutarevo bear sanctuary is included on the way. Dinner will be at the hotel where you will have overnight.

Meals, prepaid: B – L - D

Accommodation, Plitvice area: hotel/ranch/resort



Nikola Tesla, the father of electricity, was born in the Smiljan village, in one of Croatia’s counties called Lika, on June 28th 1856. Tesla’s Birthplace Museum includes renovated original buildings, a playground, and a multimedia centre with hands-on science exhibits. The inventor was of Serbian descent, yet lived and created in Croatia. Tesla made his name in America, where he lived in the hotels of New York. His work in electrical engineering, telephony, X-rays and radio had a significant effect on urban development in the 20th century, although it is only in recent years that his influence has been recognised.

Must see and experience: Smiljan - Nikola Tesla memorial centre (more info: here), Adrenalin park: zip line, wall climbing, paintball, giant swings, quad safari, archery, jeep safari, kayaking, cave adventure (more info: here)

Tesla - Smiljani3



After breakfast, you will have excursion to Smiljani to explor Nikola Tesla memorial centre. To end this journey on exciting note, there will be programs filled with adventure at the adrenalin park. Here you can experience the beautiful parts of Velebit and Lika. Awaken your inner child by going onto the giant swing that will take you 15m high, or take a part in a game of paintball. Transfer to the airport for a designated flight.

Meals, prepaid: B

Accommodation, Plitvice area: hotel/ranch/resort

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