Triple rhapsody: Croatia, Italy and Slovenia

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This is the journey that blends your experience smoothly along past and present. It is so easy to feel it and make that ancient past days fully alive in front of open eyes. Long history and tradition are still there and continue living on facades, silent witnesses of the Time, it is imprinted in each stone, ley line and if you stop for a moment you can hear a beat. This is a pulsation of native’s heart that kept strength, endurance, faith and pride till nowadays. Maybe this is why Croats are so good in sport. But they gave generously their contribution to the World by inventions of Nikola Tesla (electricity) who was born in Croatia, Faust Vrančić (parachute), Marco Polo, Rudolf Steiner (anthroposophy, eurythmy, biodynamic agriculture, Waldorf education). And there is so much, much more…
So, let us start this beautiful journey…
… by landing in Zagreb.

Meals: B (breakfast) – L (lunch) – D (dinner)


Day 1 - ZAGREB, arrival day

… the capital city of Croatia, a home to nearly one million people. It is a charming city with beautiful parks, rich history and culture, clean and safe streets, protected by Medvednica (meaning: bear, female) mountain in the back. The busy urban life style is increasingly present, and it is slowly but surely changing the city and its streets. Now it is a fine mixture of a preserved past, which can mostly be noticed by the architecture of the buildings, and the modern needs of its habitants. You can enjoy Zagreb’s great atmosphere in any period of the year. Zagreb has won the award for being the top European Christmas destination for 3 years in a row (2015-2016-2017), so if you like winter, you will undoubtedly have a great experience.

Must see and experience: Explore upper and down town, Museum of Broken Relationships, shop at Dolac Zagreb's farmers' market, explore Zagreb parks and forests, sip a coffee, the Lotrščak tower, Stone gate (Kamenita vrata), St. Marc Church, learn about Secrets of Grič, Jelačić Square, Tkaličićeva street, Meštrović Atelier, Nikola Tesla - Technical Museum, Museum of Illusions, Visit Zagreb Cathedral, Zagreb 360° Eye observation deck, Funicular, Zrinjevac park, Mirogoj cemetery

Zagreb IJakovljevic

At the beginning of this trip you will be brought from airport to the hotel, followed by a guided city tour in the afternoon. The evening will be free to explore, dinner will be at the hotel as well as the overnight stay.

Meals, prepaid: D

Accommodation, Zagreb: hotel



… is the capital of the Republic of Slovenia. Both residents and numerous visitors perceive Ljubljana as a city made to the measure of man. Ljubljana is classified as a mid-sized European city, but it has preserved its small-town friendliness and relaxed atmosphere while providing all the facilities of a modern capital. It is a unique city dotted with pleasant picture-perfect places where you can expect all kinds of nice little surprises. During the winter, its dreamy central European character prevails, and during the summer it's relaxed Mediterranean feel resides.

Must see and experience: Ljubljana Castle, Plečnik’s Ljubljana, Zmajski most (Dragon Bridge), Central Market, Prešernov Square with the Franciscan Church, the City Museum of Ljubljana, the Cathedral (Church Tivoli Park of St Nicholas), National Gallery of Slovenia, town hall, stay in a Prison

ljubljana 2

Lake Bled
… with its immense natural beauty, the lake Bled ranks among the most beautiful alpine resorts, renowned for its mild, healing climate and thermal waters. The beauty of the mountains reflects on the lake, the sun, the serenity and the fresh air arouse pleasant feelings in visitors throughout the year, guaranteeing an ideal base for a relaxing break or an active holiday.

Must see and experience: Enjoy the views from Bled Castle, swim in Lake Bled, explore Bled Island, Row your boat!, ring the wishing bell, take a ride on a pletna, indulge in the famous Bled cream cake, stroll the boardwalk at Lake Bled, take a hike, watch the sunrise over the lake, enjoy a Bled sunset, get an adrenaline rush at Straza Bled


In the morning you will ride towards Slovenia. Upon arriving to Ljubljana you will take part in sightseeing while on a boat ride on the Ljubljanica river. You will have time to savor the urban atmosphere with a walk around the city. You will carry on towards the lake Bled where a local guide will share a few compelling stories about the lake as well as some historical trivia. You will have some free time, dinner at the hotel and overnight.

Meals, prepaid: B – L - D

Accommodation, Bled: hotel 



Lake Bohinj
… is located in a glacial valley and it comprises almost 100 million cubic metres of water – according to an old Bohinj joke: no more than a bucket if it is large enough. The steep descending lake basin is relatively smoothly shaped and has no shallow areas. In the summer, the temperature of the water rises to 22 °C and in the winter the lake often freezes. Water level rises 2 - 3 metres after a heavy rainfall.

Must see and experience: visit Ribcev Laz, opportunities to go hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding as well as swimming. Ride the Vogel cable car for amazing view of Triglav National Park and walk to Slovenia’s most popular waterfall, Savica waterfall.


Vintgar Gorge
…is located not too far from Lake Bled, just 4 km away. There is a gorge which, because of its exceptional beauty, has been attracting tourists as early as the 19th century. The wooden bridges and viewing galleries lead you down the 1.6 km long gorge among the waterfalls, pools, and cascades. A stone single-arch bridge that was formerly once used for the railway, also towers above the gorge. The Vintgar Gorge, also shares its name with other, similar gorges around Slovenia (vintgar is a Slovenian word for gorge). The sight will catch you by surprise due to its uncommon flora. The Bled Vintgar leaves an impression on every visitor because of its steep depths, vertical walls, rapid rivers that lie beneath, vegetation and the largest waterfall in Slovenia.


After breakfast you will drive past amazing landscapes on your way to lake Bohinj. A larger and more remote lake. Afterwards, you will take a cable car to the ski resort Vogel for a panoramic view and have fun in the snow (most likely to be expected in the winter time). If there will be more time and if the weather conditions will allow it, you will visit the Vintgar Gorge. Dinner will at the hotel.

Meals, prepaid: B – L - D

Accommodation, Bled: hotel 



Postojna cave
… is a fantastic web of tunnels, passages, galleries and halls. The astonishing diversity of the Karst features and the easy access are certainly the main reasons for the popularity of the cave and the large amount of visitors, which has already reached the number of 35 million in 200 years. The Postojna Cave train has been taking visitors around the cave for 140 years. It is a 3.7-kilometre long journey. In 1818, only 300 metres were accessible, whereas today visitors get to enjoy more than 5 kilometres of cave passages. Regular cave tours last around an hour and a half. 


Must see and experience: Driving inside the caves with the 140 years old train, Visitors can discover the underground world of Postojna Cav, hike through cave areas such as the Great Mountain, the Concert Hall, and the Brilliant Passage, visit the Proteus Vivarium to discover the large number of animals that dwell in the caves, including the famous olms or “baby dragons”, the EXPO Postojna Cave Karst - an exhibition on the cave’s unique karst landscapes, visit of the neighbouring Pivka Cave and Black Cave, visit Predjama Castle in cave


Lipica Stud Farm
… breed purebred Lipizzan horses, one of the oldest domestic horse breeds. It is the oldest European stud breeding farm with a single type of breed which presents a unique atmosphere with certain elements such as a spatial arrangement, the architectural core and cultural landscape which were formed exclusively for this purpose.

Must see and experience: Take a tour of a Stud Farm, visit the oldest stavle Velbanca, visiti the Lipikum, Lipizzaner Museum, the Carriage Museum, the Avgust Černigoj Art Gallery, go to the historic centre with the Manor and access to the Karst House, visit the Valley of Our Lady of Lourdes, Chapel of St. Anthony


As you leave the mountains and lakes, you will head underground, to visit the Postojna cave. After this wonderful experience, you will visit the oldest European stud farm for breeding Lipizzan horses. You’ll have free time to rest, dine at the hotel and overnight.

Meals, prepaid: B – L - D

Accommodation, Nova Gorica: hotel 



… is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. It has a long history and was a great symbol for financial wealth and naval power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The city is situated in the Venice bay, surrounded by 118 small islands that are connected with it through 400 bridges. The lagoon and part of the city are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Must see and experience: Have a ride down the Grand Canal, enjoy Caffè Florian, Venice Biennale, San Sebastiano, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, participate at Carnevale Festival, San Marco Square, Burano Island, Museo del Merletto, the Ponte di Rialto (or Rialto Bridge), Murano Glass Museum


In the morning you will depart towards Italy. You will have a full day in Venice, have a guided tour and spend some alone time to explore and enjoy the city. In the late afternoon you will drive to Croatia. In the evening you will arrive in Rovinj. You will dine and overnight at the hotel.

Meals, prepaid: B – D

Accommodation, Rovinj: hotel 3* or 4*



… is situated on the west coast of Istria. Rovinj is one of the most popular and most developed tourist resorts in Croatia. The old town is built on the island, which connected with the mainland just in the 18th century. It is known as one of the most vivid and romantic towns on the Mediterranean. The delightful ambience can be felt just by taking a stroll around the old town's cobbled narrow streets. You’ll learn to appreciate  the mild Mediterranean climate, carefully designed parks, the tidiness of its streets, the friendliness of the local population and varied town events. The Church of St. Euphemia is the favourite gathering place of artists from around the world. As you walk down its streets, you'll bump into many art galleries and studios. Once a year, in August, you have the possibility to attend the largest open-air exhibition of the Adriatic coast, which takes place in one of the main old-town streets - Grisia.

Must see and experience: take a stroll around the Old Town, St. Euphemia Cathedral, Rovinj Port, Monkodonja, Balbi’s Arch, Rovinj Heritage Museum, Rovinj Town Clock, Dvigrad, Browse Trg Valdibora, Go the whole seven courses at Monte, Sip champagne at Valentino, Sail over to Sveta Katarina


In the morning you’ll have a guided sightseeing of Rovinj. For a half of the day you’ll experience the adventurous side of the Istrian peninsula (off of the road drive, lunch at the Lim fjord, a short boat ride under a pirate flag). You’ll enjoy a beautiful ride along the coast to the city of Opatija. You will have a free evening, dine and overnight at the hotel.

Meals, prepaid: B – L - D

Accommodation, Opatija: hotel 



… proudly carries the nicknames of the “Croatian Monte Carlo” and 'the lady of Mediterranean''. Due to the mild Mediterranean climate, it is the city with the oldest tourism tradition in Croatia placed on a magnificent pathway that is 12 km long called Lungo Mare. It is simple to organize a half or a full day excursion to explore the Istrian Peninsula or to visit one of the nearest islands.

Must see and experience: Stroll down the Walk of Fame, Girl with the Seagull, Museum of Croatian Tourism, Take a romantic stroll on the promenade “Lungomare”, the church of St. James-the saint patron of Opatija, the parish church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Protestant church, the church of St. Ana, the parish church of St. Marc, landmarks such as old Austrian villas, villa Angiolina , St. James park, fountains Helios and Selena

opatija djevojka s galebom

In the early hours of the day you will hop on a boat and ride along the coast, from Opatija to one of the small nearby places (depending on the weather conditions). After lunch you will journey to the National park Plitvice lakes (it will last approximately 5 hours). You will dine at the hotel and overnight.

Meals, prepaid: B – L - D

Accommodation, National park Plitvice Lakes: hotel 



The Plitvice Lakes National Park
… is one of the “must see” places in Croatia and it is on your list, as well as Dubrovnik and Split. Plitvice are one of nature’s finest jewels. The 16 lakes are linked to waterfalls, where the water is so clean that you can see all the colors of the fish and other underwater life in full detail. Plitvice Lakes have been a part of the UNESCO heritage since 1979.

Must see and experience: Big waterfall and the lower lakes that are part of Plitvice Lake National Park, outside of Plitvice Lake but in vicinity of the NP is Bara cave, Rastoke, Nikola Tesla memorial in Smiljani, Kuterevo bear refuge

Croatia Parks Waterfalls plitvice

In the morning you will sojourn to the upper lakes for a tour (the duration of the tour is approximately 3 hours). Lunch will be in a traditional restaurant. After lunch, you will head to Zagreb. You will have a farewell dinner at a restaurant and overnight at the hotel.

Meals, prepaid: B – L - D

Accommodation, Zagreb: hotel 


Day 9 - ZAGREB, departure day

zagreb-licitar 1

You will be taken to the airport for your designated flight.

Meals, prepaid: B

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