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Mid MAY - Mid OCT

If you are in search of the perfect place to go to for your honeymoon or just want to organize a flawless trip for your significant other and yourself, Croatia is for sure a great place for couples, with pristine beaches and exceptional resorts on the coastline that will make you never want to leave. Numerous islands, islets and rocks adorn the Croatian coast and make it so beautiful. Exceptional views of the Adriatic Sea, charming historical towns, gourmet food and local wineries…the perfect package for a romantic trip!
To choose sailing as your romantic honeymoon cruise will be a spectacular adventure filled with sailing, swimming, sleeping, sunning, eating and love. Croatia romantic cruise is the best way to enjoy your first important voyage together. There is no better way to explore romantic destinations but cruising by one of sailing boats.

Just imagine sailing through the thousands of islands on a sailing boat, perfect weather, magnificent boat, trustworthy crew, fabulous food…

And can you imagine a more romantic evening than being on the deck of a boat under a starlit sky, surrounded by luminescent plankton?

Meals: B (breakfast) – L (lunch) – D (dinner)


Suggested itinerary:

Day 1 – DUBROVNIK, arrival day

You can imagine that a city known as “the Pearl of the Adriatic” is perfect for couples looking for a romantic location to visit. Dubrovnik is an UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the town’s well-preserved beauty: limestone streets that, over the centuries, have become smooth and polished, combined with the Medieval walls surrounding the city, Gothic and Baroque churches and a historic Franciscan monastery. Old Town Dubrovnik is a gem of the Dalmatian coast which will not disappoint travellers searching for romantic destinations in Croatia.

Must see and experience: Cablecar, Lovrijenac Fort, Orlando’s Column, City Walls, Church of the Holy Annunciation, Revelin Fort, Dubrovnik Synagogue, Sponza Palace, Onofrio’s Great Fountain, Dominican Monastery, Maritime Museum, Trsteno Arboretum, Rector’s Palace, Dubrovnik Cathedral, Franciscan Monastery along with the oldest pharmacies in the world


You will be brought from the airport to the hotel, followed by a guided city tour in the afternoon. You will have a free evening, dinner at the hotel and an overnight.

Meals, prepaid: D

Accommodation, Dubrovnik: hotel


Sailing on an open sea is certainly a journey for lovers of the deep blue sea and hidden bays and who do not care for the crowded summer destinations. This journey is for those who prefer authentic and rarely seen nature and the absolute silence that only lighthouses at sea offer. We designed this holiday for those who love being active outdoors, who admire art and history and appreciate ancient architecture and local tradition. Daily activities are rather short and not too demanding, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the sun while sailing between Croatian renowned islands. Dubrovnik, the Elaphiti shorelines, Mljet, Lastovo, and Korčula Islands are rich in history and natural variety – cliffs, caves, coves, rocks, beaches and pine forests. We will explore them while sailing on a yacht, sea kayaking, cycling, stand up paddling, swimming, snorkelling and on foot.

We head out from Dubrovnik and head towards the Elaphiti archipelago to visit islands and the lighthouse of St. Andrew before reaching Šipan island. The island, which is only 16 km2 in size, is home to old summer estates and 34 churches that bear witness to a rich history that peaked during the era of the Dubrovnik Republic. Interestingly, Šipan was inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the island with the greatest number of olive trees in comparison to its size. The olive tree is a symbol of the Mediterranean. It has left its mark on civilization, and has been respected since ancient and biblical times. Here we spend the night and prepare for a longer day of sailing.

Must see and experience: St. Stephens Church, ruins of a building dating from times of ancient Rome. On Velji Vrh there are ruins of the St. Peter's church from 11th century, enjoy the nature, have a swim in a sea, the restaurant Kod Marka


After a breakfast you will be transferred to harbored to board your sailing ship and start the cruise in a direction of Šipan islan.

Meals, prepaid: B - D

Accommodation: yacht


Next stop is Mljet Island and its national park. Over 70% of Mljet is carpeted with verdant forest, sprinkled with fields, vineyards and tranquil villages. It’s easy to see why Mljet is called the ‘Green Island’. The National Park contains two salt lakes, with a Benedictine monastery on the isle of St. Mary. Tour to the National Park is include and you can undertake it either by hike, walk, cycle or canoe, take a boat tour or visit the monastery of St. Mary and swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the lakes before returning to the village for dinner.

Must see and experience: Odysseus cave, Mljet National Park (cycling around Malo Jezero, kayaking at Veliko Jezero), islet of Sv Marija with Benedictine monastery, Roman Palace Ruins


After breakfast we will sail towards island of Mljet where we will visit National Partk. At the evening diner will be organized at the local tavern.

Meals, prepaid: B – D

Accommodation: yacht


An idiosyncratic stronghold stuck out in the Adriatic between Croatia and Italy, the small island of Lastovo is not an easy destination. The small island of Lastovo, located far out in the Adriatic, is a harsh but worthwhile destination. Seemingly cut off from the world by steep cliffs plunging directly into the sea, Lastovo was settled as a safe redoubt against the unending raids of Uskok, Turkish and Genoese pirates. Unlike most Adriatic port towns, Lastovo village is situated beyond the crest of the cliffs, its Venetian church spires entirely invisible from the sea. The entire island served as an impregnable defence from sea raiders during the centuries of war between the Venetian and Ottoman empires.

Must see and experience: Underwater diving, swimming, cycling on the island, explore villages.


After departing from Mljet we head towards Lastovo, an offshore island with a long history and clear sky. On the way we will visit one of the lighthouses and then continue to the island and go for a cycling tour to explore the best of the island’s culture, history and untouched nature. We will reach the town of Lastovo on the other side of the island and enjoy the calm atmosphere.

Meals, prepaid: B – D

Accommodation: yacht


Thanks to its mystical beauty, high landscape value, dense forests and fertile fields enriched with puddles, high coastal steeps, land and underwater caves and numerous marine and land species and habitats, in 2006 the Croatian Parliament declared the Lastovo archipelago a nature park, which makes it the eleventh and youngest nature park in Croatia. The Lastovo Islands Nature Park comprises 46 islands, islets, rocks and reefs (the largest of which are Lastovo and Sušac), covering a total surface area of 53 km2 and 143 km2 of sea surface. It is bounded by the lighthouses of Sušac, Tajan, Glavat and Struga. Another factor contributing to the uniqueness of the Lastovo islands is the rich cultural and historic heritage: countless stone churches, picturesque fumari and the traditional Lastovo Poklad.

Must see and experience: Lastovo Nature Park


For kayakers and divers, Lastovo is a hidden gem of the Adriatic. Discover its blue caves, impressive cliffs and reefs and secluded islands or the archipelago which is also a protected natural park. You will discover the inner parts of the island and cycle through many cultural and historical landmarks Lastovo has to offer. We will reach the town of Lastovo on the other side of the island and enjoy the calm atmosphere there. The city was built inland thus protecting the residents from pirates and conquerors. Military history buffs will find many remains of old and new fortifications. We end our day with dinner in a calm seaside restaurant for some local cuisine and wine. At night, well after the sunset, for your enjoyment, we will visit one of Lastovo’s peeks where lies one of the best European stargazing locations.

Meals, prepaid: B – D

Accommodation: yacht


Filled with woodlands, vineyards, fishing villages and is the reputed birthplace of the famous explorer Marco Polo, Korčula is the greenest island in Croatia. The walled old city of Korčula has streets arranged in a herringbone pattern allowing free circulation of air but protecting against strong winds. The city is notable for its Statute dating back to 1214, which prohibited slavery, making Korčula the first place in the world to outlaw the practice. In the evening try to find a Moreška sword dance, originally performed across the Mediterranean since the 12th century, it’s still very much alive and a proud Korčulan tradition.

Must see and experience: St Mark’s Cathedral, Korčula Cathedral Treasury, Marco Polo Exhibition andMarco Polo house, St. Anthony′s hill, Icon Gallery, town Museum, Go cycling, Beer tasting, wine tasting, windsurfing around Korčula, olive oli tasting – olive picking, sun bathing and exlopoing the deep, watch a sward dance, go fishing, donkey safari on Korčula island


We proceed with our sailing we cross the wide channel to Korčula island and enjoy some casual paddle-boarding along the way. The island Korčula with a rich culture and past where every stone has history imprinted on it has been famous since the 6th century B.C. when it was known as an ancient Greek colony under the name of Korkyra Melaina (in translation ‘Black Korčula’, for its dark green pine forests). Korčula is also known as the hometown of the Polo-Depolo family, including the 13th-century explorer and traveler Marco Polo, author of the book ‘Il milione’ with which he was the first European to present facts about China and other Asian countries. Discover the town and Marco Polo museum, ancient walls and architecture and a coffee in a classic destination of nautic visitors from all over the world.

Meals, prepaid: B – D

Accommodation: yacht


Pelječac is a peninsula in southern Croatia, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva county, situated just about an hour drive from Dubrovnik. It is around 70 km long covering the area of about 350 km2 and is connected with Croatian Mainland at its narrowest point which is near Ston town. Pelječac peninsula abounds in natural beauty, historical sites, lovely sandy and pebble beaches, great red wine, and seafood, especially in oysters and other shellfish. A wine tour is one of THE must things to do on the Pelječac peninsula. Plavac Mali, a local red grape variety, covers 90% of all vineyards, while other sorts include white variety Pošip, and Grk. Follow the road signs reading “wine roads” to discover peninsula's wineries.

Must see and experience: Visit a history-making winery and sip wine from below the waves, slurp oysters in Ston, scale Sveti Ilija, visit the Franciscan Monastery outside the village of Podgorje, work down a salt mine, explore a ghost village, walk the Walls of Ston

pelejsac ambijent

We’re starting the day with sailing to Pelješac peninsula, a place where untouched nature coincides with cultivated slopes covered with vineyards resulting in one of the best wine regions in the world. This is where your sailing ends and you will continue the tour with our comfortable and air-conditioned shuttle. This way we can guide you through several wineries for wine tasting. After the wine tasting, we will be visiting Ston, a medieval little town whose history reaches back as far as the 14th century. It is a small town with the longest stone wall in Europe (5,5km), with narrow quiet streets, noble ancient houses and with traces of ancient cultures. Its former value as a „salt city“ gets confirmed even today in the plants of the oldest active salt-works in the world. These saltworks have remained faithful to the tradition and to the natural way of salt production which has not changed since remote ages. The gourmets among you will find out why the Pelješac is paradise for wine and clamp enthusiasts. Late afternoon you will be traveling back to Dubrovnik with our shuttle.
You will be taken to the airport for your designated flight.

Meals, prepaid: B

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