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Top Facts on Croatia

Croatia is located on the Balkan Peninsula, next to the Adriatic Sea and it is the 20th country with the longest coastline. It is over 4,050 km long making it 31.479 km2 of coastal waters...

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Dos and Don'ts

Learn a few, very basic phrases of Croatian. Hvala (pronounced hvah-lah, meaning ‘thank you’), molim (pronounced moh-leem, meaning ‘please’) and živjeli (pronounced zhee-vee-yeh-lee...

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Must Know Facts

Croatia’s travel season is at its peak in June, July and August. The weather is consistently sunny and warm. It is the ideal Mediterranean oasis. You can find a place for yourself on the...

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Cres | Beli

Beyond senses

Cres is certainly one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea. It is home to picturesque coastal towns and villages with their Venetian heritage buildings, and to beautiful bays and beaches with crystal clear water.
10th - 17th of October 2015
PrirodaBijele stijeneRastoke
G.Kotar | Bjelolasica

Wintering, Wisdom of the Earth, Wisdom of the People

Each season has it's own magic, ignoring it, we induce stress.
Winter magic means silence, longer sleep and getting closer to each other by the fireplace and warm drinks. It's time of the wise and calm.
Gorski kotar | Slovenija,Osilnica

Visible - invisible

In beautiful region of the river Kupa and the mystical surrounding spaces, we will have a pottery workshop that will enable us to express the beauty of the region that is otherwise difficult to express with words.
02 JUN - 13 OCT
Croatia | Zagreb - Dubrovnik

Discover Croatia (Zagreb-Dubrovnik)

This is the journey that smoothly blends your experience of the past and present. It will be easy to relive the ancient ages right in front of your eyes. The long history and tradition that lie here continue to live in the facades, imprinted in each stone and every curve, like a silent witness of Time.
piramida-sunca-okpiramida sunca-27piramida-visoko
BiH | Sarajevo
1.590,00 kn

The Mystery of the Valley of Pyramids

Explorations of these stone buildings connected by underground tunnels, slowly reveal the puzzle of an ancient civilization
13th-15th of Nov.'15

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